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Ugo Vero was born in Bari , Italy . He and his wife Lina (Gallotta) were married April 21, 1968 and have a daughter Deborah and two grandchildren named Massimo & Bianca.

He enjoys coaching youth soccer, playing the guitar and singing.

After completing his training at L'Oreal de Paris in Turin , Italy , Ugo had a successful career in hairstyling in Turin , Milan & Naples . It was here he attrached attention from many famous celebrities including maestros' Vian and Decrescenzo, writers of the song “La Luna Rossa”.

Ugo then immigrated to the United States where he continued to develop his skills in Paterson , N.J. There he worked alongside Joe Barbarisi, the president of the Associated Master Barbers & Beauticians of America . After winning the Master Barbers & Beauticians International competition in 1963, he soon became known as the “Stylist of the Stars”.

He moved to Canada in August 1969 where he worked for Razors Edge. His popularity grew very quickly and by 1972 he opened his own salon – Hair by Ugo. Today, Hair by Ugo is known as one of Toronto's foremost hair salons. His clientele includes famous celebrities such as Federico Castelluccio of Sopranos fame. Also included are Al Waxman, Tony Bennett, Danny Kay, William Shatner, Monty Hall and many more.

For over twenty years, Ugo has been active in community & social services. Since 1975 Ugo has been a director of the Variety Club of Ontario Tent 28. He exhibited as hairstylist for the stars during telethons and international conventions. He has appeared in the Variety Club International Magazine two times. The first time was to acknowledge the generous donation of free haircuts to children; the second time to announce his appointment as Variety Clubs International hairstylist. He was also acknowledged in the local Tent Topics Magazine for his contribution to society.

Ugo has an extensive background in the entertainment industry. He has made numerous guest appearances on CHIN International Radio and Television . Through this he has had the honour of working with and styling such famous persons as John ny Lombardi and Renzo Arbore, Neck, Riccardo Fogli, Irene Fargo, Eduardo Vianellia and Toto Cotugno.

He has also made television apperances on the Sopranos in the U.S.A. and Breakfast Television in Toronto .

Today, Ugo is operating his salon in Toronto and looking forward to launching a new line of hair care products.

Call: (416) 635-7584
Visit: 354 Wilson Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M3H 1S9